About Us

Our aim is to treat acute and chronic conditions of the joint and spine with innovative therapies that will help to regenerate diseased areas and restore healthy function.

We are determined to ensure that only current best practices will be employed in using innovative therapies such as stem cell treatment and video-assisted percutaneous discectomy to treat our patients.


What We Do

  • Our providers will carefully assess each patient to determine reasonable therapeutic outcomes and discuss options.

  • This will include a complete evaluation of previous treatments and optimization of current and future therapies to achieve your individual goals.

  • We are committed to consistently updating our knowledge and skills by continuously staying connected to new developments in our specialty.


Procedures available

Our practice employs more than 12 procedures to treat a range of pain disorders and other conditions.



Years of Experience

Collectively, we have more than 50 years’ experience in pain management and medicine.



Patients Treated

We have treated more than 20,000 patients for a wide variety of medical conditions.


Our Impact

Since 1994, we have…

  • Improved the wellbeing of thousands of patients with acute and chronic pain since 1994.

  • Treated thousands of injured patients and restored them to normal function.

  • Brought new and innovative therapies such as stem cell treatment to our patients by employing current best practices, and protect our patients from vague treatment options through education.

  • Used minimally invasive procedures pain management procedures to help patients avoid open surgeries.

  • And helped train physicians and other providers in the specialty of Interventional Pain Management.